Happy Hangover…

Drink lots of Pocari Sweat

Hope all our language teachers and students aren’t feeling too rough today. Please remember, if you’re not well enough to make your language lesson, please remember to call the student or teacher in advance.



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Merry Christmas from OrangoJapan!

Get 500Y for every student who Joins Orango!

We’re launching a program of discount codes to students when they sign up to join OrangoJapan. Currently, Japanese language students pay 3000 Yen, to access unlimited teacher contact details for an unlimited period of time. We offer better value than our rivals.

We’re offering 50% Discount Codes for December

With a December discount code, students will be able to sign up for only 1500 Yen and as an OrangoJapan Affiliate you’ll get 500 Yen for every student who joins up using your affiliate code.

Money for Nothing (almost)

All you’ll have to do is contact us to receive your personal affiliate code and then advertise that code in areas where students will see it. We generally leave it up to you to decide where to advertise or promote the code. Could be your blog, Social media page, your school, notice boards etc. Then, if a student signs up using your code, we trace it back to you and pay you the money into your registered PayPal account. If all goes well, the money rolls in as you sleep. You win, Student win, Orango win.

To apply, just get in touch via the contact form here and mentioned the December Affiliate Discount Program.

Smarten up. Get on board with the program.

Teach Students in Japan and earn from Students learning! Teach, Earn, Kaching!

How it Works… in some more detail…

  1. Send us an email via the contact form telling us where you live and where you intent to advertise your affiliate discount code.
  2. If we’re happy, we create a discount code and send it you. You give us your paypal account details so we can pay you for every student who joins using your unique code.
  3. When a student joins with a discount code we can see who it was assigned to. If it’s assigned to you we’ll pay 500 yen directly into your account. We’ll take the hit on the PayPal processing fees so you get 500 yen.
  4. This current promotion will run until the end of 2019.

Tip #6378 for getting more students – Add a GOOD photo to your teaching profile…

It’s easy to underestimate the importance of a good photo on your teaching profile.

You’re probably in a hurry, and want to fill out an online teaching form in as many teacher student introduction sites as you can, in a short period of time. You’ve got things to do, so when you get the the part of the profile where you have to upload a picture of yourself, it’s tempting just to use whichever one seems decent and is on your phone or PC at the time.

However, rightly or wrongly (probably wrongly) people will judge you on how you look and how you present yourself in your photo.

Students in Japan will look at your teaching profile and if the associated picture looks professional and you look friendly, then it’s likely they’ll read your profile and not skip on to the next one.

If you look like you’ve been on a four day bender or your in a picture with your mates on a night out, it’s unlikely serious language students will give your profile much consideration.

An example of a not too good picture

So with that said, here are Orango Teacher’s top 5 dos and don’ts when you’re submitting a photo for your language teaching profile.

  • 1. DO smile in your photo. Even if you’re unhappy, force one out. Try your very best to look sane and if you can, friendly.
Smiling is good. A smile that doesn’t make you look crazy is even better.
  • 1. DON’T look miserable or too serious. Try not to look like you could make a student cry if they mess up their past progressive tenses.
  • 2. DO appear in the picture by yourself. No matter how wonderful your partner or children are, they shouldn’t be in your profile picture. Maybe a pet, but certainly no other human.
  • 2. DON’T put up a picture with you and all of your kindergarten students, or with any of your students.
Not you and your students. Even if you’re Arnie.
  • 3. DO look smart and professional. If not smart formal wear, at least look like you’ve not been sleeping in a bin.
  • 3. DON’T look like you’re trying to get a date.
It’s perhaps a nice picture which shows you looking rather attractive and friendly, but it doesn’t scream professional quality English lessons.
  • 4. DO use a high resolution picture which clearly shows your face.
  • 4 .DON’T submit a photocopy of your passport photo.
  • Good luck teaching in Japan!

Students in Japan will see your profile on the OrangoJapan.com website. In the profile page section.

Native English Teacher. But from where?

When filling out your teacher profile on the OrangoTeacher website, you’ll be asked if the language you are teaching is your native language. So by this we mean the following:

“the language of the country that someone is born in or native to”


However, several countries have a number of official languages. And more countries still, have more than one official language.

If you are teaching English, for OrangoJapan / OrangoTeacher to classify you as a Native speaker, you must meet the following criteria:

Speak English as your primary language and come from a country where English is the most commonly spoken language.

For this we follow the UK government’s classification of of overseas (non-UK) countries as majority native speaking. These are the following:

  • Antigua and Barbuda
  • Australia
  • The Bahamas
  • Barbados
  • Belize
  • Canada
  • Dominica
  • Grenada
  • Guyana
  • Ireland
  • Jamaica
  • New Zealand
  • St Kitts and Nevis
  • St Lucia
  • St Vincent and the Grenadines
  • Trinidad and Tobago
  • United Kingdom (Scotland, England, Wales, Northern Ireland)
  • United States of America

If we come across profiles where the teacher advertises their teaching language as their native language but their profile nationality suggests contrary to the above, we’ll edit accordingly (by removing the native indicator) and further review the profile for authenticity.

This might seem a bit of a shock to nationals of South Africa, India, Pakistan, The Philippines as well as other countries. However, although English is widely spoken in these countries, it is not yet considerably more spoken than other languages or dialects in those locations.

But I speak English better than most native speakers!

Maybe your English is perfect, and it could be better than most native speakers. Yes Scandinavians, we’re talking about you here. In that case, we recommend adding some video to your profile where you speak English. That way students can hear from themselves how good your English is. Have fun teaching!

Finding Students in Japan – Teach your language!

English, French, German, Arabic, Spanish and more..

So you’re in Japan and you want to teach private language lessons. If you’re a native English teacher, you’re in luck. Lots of Japanese students are looking for English language tutors. If you’re not a native English speaker, you’re still in luck. There are lots of English teachers out there, but probably not so many who teach your language. So why not teach your native language?

If you’re also fluent in English, and confident you can teach to a high standard, then teach both, and make sure that’s clear in your teaching profile. But bear in mind, Japanese people (and people in general) like to be taught by a native speaker, so you may then be at a slight disadvantage compared to native English teachers when trying to attract students .

The graph below, produced by Market research company Asmarq, shows the results of a survey in which Japanese people were asked which languages they are interested in learning. Unsurprisingly, English comes first, followed by Chinese. But as the graph indicates, there’s a strong interest in French, Spanish, Korean, German and Italian.

So go for it. Add your profile to OrangoTeacher and start teaching in your native language now. And to really get the students interested in your profile, add a video with you speaking your native language. The video below is a fantastic example of a video introduction put together by native French Speaking Charles. Bien joué Charles!

Check out Charles’ profile here

We’re changing the way we display videos!

Here at Orango, we are trying to make video a big part of the teacher introduction profile, and encourage all of our teachers to add video to their profile.

Due to the expanding number of videos on our small server, our videos were starting to lag really badly, so we’ve made the decision to host on a non-public platform on YouTube.

That means that our videos load and play much faster with hardly any lag. It’s a much better experience for our students.

Wait, does that mean anybody can see my videos on Youtube!?”

No, we have set all YouTube hosted teacher profile videos to unlisted. That means they won’t appear on The Orango YouTube page and they won’t be recommended to anybody by YouTube nor will they appear in any YouTube search. Only by typing in the URL can people access unlisted video. More info on Googles YouTube Settings page here

Adding video is a great way to advertise yourself to potential students

You can add video to your profile any time, by logging in to your profile and selecting ‘add / update video….’

Go on, add some video to your profile today…

Welcome Ashley!

Ashley is looking for English language students in Shizuoka. Her lessons are 4000Yen an hour and she offers the first lesson at half price! Contact her now for face to face lessons.

See Ashley’s Profile

We’ve added new features to our teacher profile page

We’re always trying to improve the way in which teachers can promote their profile on OrangoTeacher.com and add useful information for your potential students. Some of our recent additions can be found below, so please update your profiles to ensure these features are showing up in your profile.

Some of our newer features are:

Teachers can offer lessons online or in person

You can choose to offer face to face lessons or lessons on Skype. You can also set different prices for these lessons. These are displayed in your mini-profile and also your main profile.

Teachers can advertise if they’re teaching their native language

Update your profile to show you’re teaching your native language. Students can also search via teachers who teach their native language so make sure if you’re a native teacher, your profile states this.

We’re always adding new features to our teacher profiles so be sure to log in to your profile to ensure it’s up to date. You can update here.