Part Time Jobs for Foreigners – Tokyo

An article about part-time jobs for foreigners living in Tokyo
A train in Japan

Best Places in Japan for Foreigners

There are many wonderful cities in Japan for foreigners looking to find full time or…
Teaching Japanese students private lessons

Working Part Time in Japan

Working Part time in Japan.
AI and it's use in teaching

Using A.I. to teach English in Japan.

Can AI teach English better than you?
Finding Language Students in Tokyo

An Intro to Teaching in Tokyo

Teaching in Tokyo can be a wonderful experience. Make sure you enjoy it.
Finding new students can be tough.

Finding Language Students in Japan

An article about how to best find private language students in Japan if you are…

An English Grammar Guide

A concise list of some of the English Grammar rules for teachers and students alike.

Receiving Payment for Language Lessons

Payment from your student for your private language lesson.

Teachers of all Languages (not just English)

Teach all languages! Not only English teachers are in demand in Japan.