Forgotten Password?

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It’s important to keep your teacher profile up to date, so students viewing from OrangoJapan know you are available to teach. Just log into your teaching profile and make any updates to your profile, including adding videos or images.

Also, we update the profile content regularly so remember to check all fields to ensure there aren’t any new ones not filled out.

Forgotten your Sign In Details?

It happens to us all, all the time, so the following is a guide to resetting your password. If you try following these steps, but you see something else from what’s shown here, please let us know via our contact form .

1. Request a New Password Link

Go to the log in page and beneath the log in button there is a link to get a new password. Click on the link.

Click the password link entered in red. It should take you here

2. Enter the Email Address you Signed in With

In the page you are directed to, enter the email address associated with your teaching profile.

Enter your email address that you registered with.

You should see that your email has been sent…

Step 3. Check your email account

You should receive a message from OrangoJapan ( This can take a few minutes or sometimes even longer. Wait around an hour max and make sure you refresh your browser screen when viewing emails.

Upon receiving it, click on the link presented in the email

Click on the link and it will take you to a new temporary password.

You should be directed to a screen which has a temporary password displayed. Copy this password and go back to the log in screen. Clicking on the link will take you to the log in screen

Step 4. Note Down Your Temporary Password

Step 5. Enter your email address and New Password

Enter the password you have just copied and your email address. You should then be logged into your account.

Step 6 (optional). Change your Password

Once logged into your account, if you want to change your password to something you can remember, click on the ‘update profile’ link.

At the very top of this page, click the link to change your password:

That should do it.

If you have any problems with the site or these steps don’t match what you get at your end, please get in touch with us via email or the contact form on the website and we’ll sort the problem out.


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