Get 500Y for every student who Joins Orango!

We’re launching a program of discount codes to students when they sign up to join OrangoJapan. Currently, Japanese language students pay 3000 Yen, to access unlimited teacher contact details for an unlimited period of time. We offer better value than our rivals.

We’re offering 50% Discount Codes for December

With a December discount code, students will be able to sign up for only 1500 Yen and as an OrangoJapan Affiliate you’ll get 500 Yen for every student who joins up using your affiliate code.

Money for Nothing (almost)

All you’ll have to do is contact us to receive your personal affiliate code and then advertise that code in areas where students will see it. We generally leave it up to you to decide where to advertise or promote the code. Could be your blog, Social media page, your school, notice boards etc. Then, if a student signs up using your code, we trace it back to you and pay you the money into your registered PayPal account. If all goes well, the money rolls in as you sleep. You win, Student win, Orango win.

To apply, just get in touch via the contact form here and mentioned the December Affiliate Discount Program.

Smarten up. Get on board with the program.

Teach Students in Japan and earn from Students learning! Teach, Earn, Kaching!

How it Works… in some more detail…

  1. Send us an email via the contact form telling us where you live and where you intent to advertise your affiliate discount code.
  2. If we’re happy, we create a discount code and send it you. You give us your paypal account details so we can pay you for every student who joins using your unique code.
  3. When a student joins with a discount code we can see who it was assigned to. If it’s assigned to you we’ll pay 500 yen directly into your account. We’ll take the hit on the PayPal processing fees so you get 500 yen.
  4. This current promotion will run until the end of 2019.

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